Customer Support Contractor

This role will require that someone be available in the mid- to late afternoon in Pacific Time (sometime within the range of around 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM, with some opportunities for additional time later as well, if you'd like). If either your schedule or your time zone doesn't allow for that, keep watching our pages for future chances for us to work together!

We're looking for someone with excellent written communication skills, with some experience providing customer support, who likes to help others solve sometimes-tricky technical problems, and who is looking to provide part-time, contracted user support services. If that sounds like you, read on!

Position Requirements

  • A self-employed contractor who can provide some user support in PST afternoons
  • Some experience providing written customer service and support
  • Facility with learning new (and potentially unusual) systems
  • You can put yourself in other people's shoes and can be patient with users, even if they're forgetful or make the same mistakes repeatedly
  • Patience, a willingness to try things and to make mistakes, and comfort receiving lots of real-time feedback
  • Comfortable helping hold people accountable to their own past commitments (within reason, of course!)
  • Comfortable working remotely in conjunction with a fully distributed team on which most of the interactions are over text messages, forum posts, or emails
  • A familiarity with some of the tools we use, like Help Scout, Slack, GitHub is desirable but not required.

We're looking for someone who will charge about $15 USD per hour for the first month and then $18 USD per hour in subsequent months, once they're up to speed.

To Apply

Email and let us know:

  • Why you think you'd be good in this role (in under 250 words)
  • What experience you've had with similar or related tasks (either in traditional resume format or in paragraph format is equally good; just try to keep it to under 350 words)
  • Read the “Don’t just offer help, ask for it” section of our “Behind the Curtain” blog post and then write a short response to the user in the following fictional scenario. (You don't have to look anything technical up on our website; you can just invent a “button C” that fixes everything, if you'd like. We just want to get a sense of what tone you're inclined to take.) 

Fictional Scenario:

Assume that this is the 5th or 6th time in as many weeks that this particular user has emailed with a request of this type, usually for multiple of their goals at the same time. For each, it costs Beeminder about $2.75 in processing fees to refund when a cancelation within 24 hours would have been costless, so if all of our users did this, we'd eventually be in trouble, but we still want to work with users even when they're ending up in the same situation repeatedly!

“Hi! Oops! Sorry! I didn't submit my information on time again and then I didn't notice this until today so the charge has already gone through. This wasn't a legitimate charge because my cat ate my phone and I couldn't enter the data. Afterwards, I hit the wrong button (button A) again instead of... button B, I think? So now my goal is broken again. Can you fix that for me? I know there's a way for me to fix it, but I've been really busy this week and I just can't remember how it works and keep breaking it.

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