Can I import previous data?

Yup! If you manipulate your data into the right format for the bot, you can submit as many lines as you want via email to, or using the Advanced Entry section to the right of the graph image.

Example of the Advanced Entry form, showing the data format and the box to submit new data

If your graph reacts poorly to the additional data and your goal derails (this can happen when you have a Do Less goal where you're adding data from before the start of the goal, for example), you can contact support by replying to the legitimacy check email and we can help you get things back on track. Assuming you think it's non-legit, of course -- maybe you want us to charge you for last week's excess!

It's always useful for us to dig in and hear your feedback about cases where derailing was unexpected, too, so we'd welcome your help.

Keywords: data import, importing data

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