Can I specify a beneficiary for my derailments?

Beemium subscribers can opt to have 50% of their derailments donated to one of a few charities.  Aside from that, no.  Collecting the fees is our current business model.

Of course, that was StickK’s original plan and they concluded that people wouldn’t go for that, so they now let you specify beneficiaries of your contract. We may need to do the same eventually.  Right now, our thinking is: 

  • The exponential fee schedule makes a big difference. In addition to removing the difficult choice about how much to pledge, it makes it feel more reasonable for Beeminder to be the beneficiary. You’re starting with a small amount pledged after you’ve already gotten value out of Beeminder.
  • We think we’re fundamentally providing more value than StickK because of the pretty graphs and storing your data — another justification for us being the beneficiary of the contracts.
We now have thousands of goals with money pledged.  It seems to be universally true that whenever someone actually pays a pledge, they got at least that much value out of Beeminder up until that point. If you have a counterexample, we want to  hear about it!

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