This is an atypical "integration" — instead of Beeminder fetching Slack data into your Beeminder goals, we're going to send Beeminder goal data into Slack!  There are a couple different options available to make Beeminder more effective via Slack.


Due to a change in Slack's API, reminders via Slack aren't currently working. Sadface!


If you can add the Beeminder Slackbot to your team, Beebot lets you add data to your goals, tells you the most urgent deadlines on command, and even lets you schedule charges for one-off tasks (similar to GTBee).

The available commands are:

  • /bee help will list these available commands!
  • /bee list will display your five soonest-derailing goals
  • /bee list N will display your N soonest-derailing goals
  • /bee goalname will display the status and graph for the goal with that goalname
  • /bee goalname date value "comment" will add a datapoint to the goal with that goalname
  • /bee goalname++ is a shortcut for adding a datapoint of 1 for today for the goal with that goalname
  • /bee goalname-- is a shortcut for adding a datapoint of -1 for today for the goal with that goalname
  • /bee charge N in X will schedule a charge of $N to be triggered in X minutes
  • /bee charge cancel will cancel a pending charge
  • /bee charge help will list more available charge options and examples

There is also some extra functionality that isn't as closely tied to Beeminder, but might still be useful or interesting to you!  Try out the help commands listed below to learn more.

  • /bid help if you're interested in sealed-auctions (or guesses) functionality
  • /karma help if you're interested in a lightweight karmabot 
  • /roll N to roll an N-sided die, when you need help making a decision
  • /tagtime help if you'd like to get TagTime pings via Slack
  • /tock help if you're interested in a pomodoro-esque time tracking tool (whose results you can send to a Beeminder goal via /tock beemind goalname)

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