How much do I pledge on my goals?

The available pledge amounts are $0, $5, $10, $30, $90, $270, $810, $2430, and $7290. Normally, you'll begin with a $0 or $5 pledge, and with each derailment, the pledge will increase one step in that progression, up to the cap you have set.

Screenshot of the pledge schedule as shown in goal creation, demonstrating how the pledge increases with each derailment: 5 to 10 to 30 to 90 to stop (in this example) at 270
For example, if you start your goal with a $5 pledge and a $30 cap, then the first time you derail you'll pay $5, and the pledge at stake will increase to $10. If you derail again, you'll pay $10, and the pledge at stake will increase to $30. Every derailment after this point will cost $30, unless you change your cap, lower your pledge, etc.

Pledges increase and decrease along this sequence only, so you can't set up a goal with a pledge of $50. For custom charge amounts, you can use the charge endpoint of the Beeminder API or the IFTTT charge trigger, but this won't replace derailments on your goals. For example, if you want to charge yourself $50 for your next derailment, and your goal's at $30, then you'd want to pay an additional $20 via IFTTT, not the full $50.

You can decrease your pledge with a 7-day wait. If you have the fanciest premium plan (Beemium) then you can also increase your pledge at any time, but we think mostly you should just ride the pledge schedule up to your Motivation Point (the point at which the pledge at stake will motivate you into preventing a derailment almost all the time).

We put a lot of thought (and math) into the pledge amounts. In short, you want to very quickly reach an amount that motivates you to take being on the right side of your bright red line seriously.

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