When do I pay?

It depends on which type of payment you're making. 

If you don't create a goal after signing up, you will be charged after seven days.

You can prevent this charge by creating any goal. You'll receive a warning before the week is up.

When you derail on a goal or set up a charge via our API or IFTTT, we insert a 24-delay before the charge goes through.

If we get an email from you during that 24-hour period, we can usually just cancel the charge in those cases. (We advise replying within about 18 hours, given our average time to reply is roughly 6 hours.) That way you'll never even see the charge in your bank account.

You can check whether you've already paid via your payments page.

There are circumstances in which you can be charged straight away, for example when you derail while your goal is archiving. If you choose to archive your goal right away, then you have to accept the charge immediately. You'll see a modal asking for your agreement before this happens!

Premium charges happen right away the first time you sign up for premium, but renewals also have a 24-hour wait period before the charge goes through.

If you haven't derailed on a goal, you created your first goal within a week, you're not signed up for premium, and you haven't created any charges using the API, IFTTT or any other external service, then you won't be charged for using Beeminder. We send you an email letting you know whenever we're going to charge you, for any reason. 

If you're ever in any doubt, though, just let us know and the support team will check in!

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