I need help and I can't find the answers here!

If you're running into problems, we really want to hear about it! Read on for the best way to contact us in various situations.

If you've derailed because of a problem, you can reply to the "legitimacy check" email you've received, which gives us some helpful context. Charges don't go through for 24 hours, so usually if you reply to the legitimacy check email within 18 hours (or preferably sooner!), we're able to catch it and sort things out without needing to do any refunds.

If it's been longer than that, it's still best to reply to the email, and we'll talk the refund options through with you if necessary!

If you're running into trouble for some other reason, then you can get in touch via the contact form, or just by emailing support@beeminder.com. We're anxious to hear about what's going wrong and to dig into it, so don't hesitate, even if you feel like it's a small problem or a silly question! If there's a problem with a specific goal, don't forget to give us the goal link, and if possible, don't delete the goal.

Our average reply time is six hours for a first reply, and we resolve most queries in under 24 hours. That said, those are averages, and sometimes it will take longer. If you haven't received any reply from us for 24 hours, then it can be worth checking your spam folder. If you don't find anything, then reach out again -- preferably using a different email address in case our replies are getting completely blocked by your spam filter (which has happened to a few users over the years).

Replying again quickly to indicate it's more urgent will tend to backfire. We usually process the queue in roughly chronological order, and a new reply will move your email later in the queue. But don't worry: we regularly zero out our inbox, and we'll get to you as soon as we can.

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