How do I fix incorrect data?

On the web version, you can update the incorrect datapoint in the list found in the Data tab below the graph, then press the corresponding Update button.

On Android, you can edit datapoints by tapping on the bulletpoint list icon at the top right, and then tapping the entry you want to edit. Make your change, and then tap Update.

On iOS, tap the datapoint in the list to open the edit window, make your changes, and then tap Update.

You can also delete datapoints using the Delete button on all platforms, though you should do this with extreme caution. Deleting data may trigger an immediate derailment on your graph, because removing old datapoints can change whether you're on the right side of the bright red line at your last deadline, due to the cumulative graph. Sometimes you may want to do this on purpose if you realize you should have derailed, of course!

I edited my data on Beeminder, but it reverted back to what it was before!

If your goal uses an automatic data source, Beeminder will usually refetch the original data from the data source and overwrite your changes. It's not that we don't trust you (well, possibly that too; lots of people use autodata goals precisely because they don't trust themselves!) but we need a single ground truth for the data so if the autodata source changes, Beeminder updates the data to match. Otherwise, strange conflicts can arise, data gets double-entered, etc.

To update most autodata-fed goals, you need to change the data at the source (e.g. in Fitbit or Toggl or whichever service the graph is linked up with), then click the button on the Beeminder goal page to refresh/refetch it.

Of course, we also know that sometimes device batteries die and you forget to use them and all of that, so if you're worried that you went for a run without your Fitbit, or something like that, you can just reply to the legit check if there are extenuating circumstances.

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