Can I switch my goal units after it's created?

Almost always, though it's much easier for some goal types than others. In general, goals using automatic data integrations should not be switched, but you can adjust manual data entry goals as often as you'd like.

  • If it's a brand-new goal, the easiest thing to may be to delete it and recreate it.
  • For most Beeminder autodata integrations, it'll be easiest to archive the current goal and/or begin a new one to use the new unit. Units are defined at goal creation when you set up the integration, so you'll need support help to switch them.
  • For manual entry goals, or goals where you've automated the data entry yourself, you have a couple of options: you can end the current goal and/or begin a new one, or rename the units and then scale your current graph to reflect the new units.

For example, you might want to convert a goal in minutes to a goal in hours (or vice versa). To convert from minutes to hours, use the Scale Datapoints section at the bottom of the Data tab below the graph to scale everything by 1/60 (dividing by 60) and press Scale It. Beeminder will adjust all the data and commitment values accordingly, so you can start using hours from that point on, but your graph should look the same before and after.

Don't add data to your graph using the new unit until after you scale the graph! If you already have a mix of datapoints, you'll want to remove that data before scaling your goal. Otherwise, that point will get scaled to the new unit (even though it's already using the new unit), and that progress won't get represented accurately on the goal. For example, a datapoint of 1 hour added before scaling from minutes to hours will convert to a datapoint of 0.01667 hours! You lose quite a bit of credit there!

Goals that are marked as autodata integrations won't let you do any scaling, since we're handling all of the data fetching and input for you.

If anything goes wrong or these instructions are terribly confusing, contact support! We'd love to talk it over and work things out with you.

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