Can I get rid of extra safety buffer?

Yes you can.

First, think about whether or not you've already entered data for the day, to make sure that you don't accidentally set yourself up for failure. It's not great to remove all the safety buffer on your calories goal right before logging your big birthday dinner, and it's not great to remove all your safety buffer after you logged your 8-mile run! If you do accidentally back yourself into a beemergency day corner, contact support and we can undo your adjustment.

Then, in the Ratchet section of the Commitment tab below the graph on the goal page, pick the number of safe days you'd like to end up with (where 10 is highlighted below), and click Ratchet! to save changes.

Automatic buffer removal

If you're a Bee Plus or Beemium premium subscriber, you also have access to an automatic ratchet (often referred to as auto-ratchet), right underneath this field. To enable auto-ratchet, check the Automatically trim safety buffer box next to Max Safe Days, then select the highest safe days you want to allow yourself on this goal.

Every day at your goal's deadline, Beeminder will check the number of safe days on the goal and remove extra safety buffer if necessary. With the setting shown above, if I ever have more than 7 safe days at my deadline, Beeminder will adjust my graph automatically to remove the extra so that I only have 7.

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