What is Beeminder?

Is there anything you want to do, that you can do, that historically you haven't actually done? Maybe you want to start going for a 15-minute walk every day at lunchtime. Maybe you have a huge exam in a month that you really should start studying for now, not three weeks from now. Maybe you're trying to stop smoking. Definitely doable, really quite simple... and yet, you can't get it done. That's what Beeminder is for.

Beeminder lets you create goals like these and pledge cash money that you'll achieve them this time around. If you fall far enough off track, you pay us your pledge amount!

Why would anyone want to do that?

Beeminder forces you to toe the line at least for a while, so that when/if you do fall off track, then the motivation it provided up until that point still seems worth it. Maybe the threat of losing $5 to Beeminder motivated you to run 5 miles a week for 4 weeks before your first derailment. $5/month is quite a bit cheaper than most gym memberships!

Everything we’ve worked on in building Beeminder has been with the objective of making people succeed. We’d have to be very myopic for it to be otherwise — if Beeminder isn't helping people, they'll stop paying, and we'll be out of business!

It’s very important to us that no one ever derail on a technicality. We want to make money by making you more awesome, and we’re convinced that’s what’s happening. But don’t take our word for it. Try it and see — you can start with a $0 pledge, so there's no money at stake for your first derailment.

What types of goals does Beeminder work for?

Just about anything! If you can somehow quantify it, you can beemind it.

Goals with obvious numbers and metrics involved work great: workout minutes, calories eaten, hours studied, dollars saved, weight in pounds, miles biked.

But you can absolutely use Beeminder for "softer", more qualitative goals as well: if you want to "be a nicer person," you might create a goal to "give two compliments per day," for example. "Keep a cleaner house" might turn into a goal to "clean one room per week."

We've seen a ton of goals over the years, all over the spectrum. No limits to what you can choose to beemind!

What does the name mean?

Beeminder reminds you and binds you. It’s Beeminder, the me-binder. It’s reminders with a sting. Mind your goals, and be minded. Oh, and our esteemed co-founder, Bethany Soule, goes by “Bee.” A lot of things!

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