Sleep as Android

What can I beemind with Sleep as Android?

Sleep duration in hours.

The most frequent additional requests are bedtime and wakeup time. If you're dying to have either of these or if there's another metric that you'd love to have, let us know!

How much data does Beeminder import?

Beeminder does not import any historical sleep data from before you started your goal, but it should fetch all sleeps after that.

Why aren't my last sleeps showing up in Beeminder?

First, double-check that they have been synced to the SleepCloud. If they're not showing there, Beeminder can't pick them up.

Second, try removing and reauthorizing your Google account here. (You should also see a blue error banner on your goal page if your authorization has expired, and we'll send you an email to let you know.)

One specific day's sleep is not showing up in Beeminder.

You may notice sleep data "off" by one day when comparing Beeminder & the SleepCloud. Beeminder marks the data for the day you went to sleep on, while the SleepCloud marks it as the day you woke up on.  Compare the sleep duration and start time values to see if a day mismatch solves the missing data mystery.

If you still think a sleep is missing,  contact support and send us a screenshot of what you're seeing that we aren't picking up!

I'm going to derail tonight, but I'll be sleeping long enough tonight to get back on track!

Not a problem! Just make sure your sleep data syncs in the morning, reply to the legitimacy check email, and support will fix up your derailment.

Sleep as Android sample goal setup

  1. Head to create a new goal (also accessible through the New Goal link in the top menu).
  2. Click the Sleep as Android icon to start a new goal using Sleep as Android data.
  3. Decide how many hours of sleep per day you'd like to commit to, and enter that rate in the box.

    If you want to delay your goal's start a few days (maybe you're partying this weekend), be sure to tick the Start this goal with extra leeway box.  Enter the number of days you want to delay and press Continue.   
  4. Give your goal a brief name.  If you want, you can also write a short description with more information.
  5. Finally, choose your initial pledge.  This is the amount you will pay the first time you derail on the goal.  After derailing, the pledge will increase by default — use the checkbox and +/- stepper below to control how high it goes.  In the example below, I have chosen to start at a $5 pledge, which will increase each time I derail, until it reaches $30 — the pledge cap.  (To read more about pledges and payments, check out some FAQs here!)

  6. And that's it!  I'll need to start recording sufficient sleep in the next 4 days to avoid paying Beeminder my first $5.

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