Intend (formerly Complice)

Intend (formerly Complice) is the Qualified Self to Beeminder's Quantified Self. One might work better for you than the other, or you'll become an unstoppable productivity machine by using both! We've written a few blog posts featuring Intend and its Beeminder integration:,, and

What can I beemind with Intend?

  • submitting daily intentions
  • submitting daily outcomes
  • percentage of daily outcomes completed
  • working in a coworking room
  • submit weekly review (overall or per-goal)
  • submit monthly review (overall or per-goal)
  • DIY "arbitrary" metrics

If you're already a Intend user, go to for more details and to get started. You can create a new goal via their interface, or pick an existing goal to link up.

What's an "arbitrary" metric?

(Almost) whatever you want it to bee! Maybe you want to complete a certain number of "documentation" outcomes per week, but you've also got other non-documentation-related outcomes. Use the arbitrary-things integration to send only completed documentation-related outcomes to a particular Beeminder goal.

More explanation and examples from Malcolm himself in his brilliantly-detailed blog post. If you've used IFTTT and/or the Beeminder IFTTT macros to glue anything together before, it's similar to that — without having to bring in IFTTT as a third-party!

For any task you enter in Intend, you can filter it by goal, text, or regular expression matching, or starredness, then select any of 5 things to beemind:

  1. creating such a task
  2. marking it as complete,
  3. the number of pomodoros assigned to it
  4. any number appearing in the task (e.g., "10 pushups")
  5. the sum of the numbers in the task (e.g., "pushups: 10+10+10+8")

Then, optionally multiply the number by something (e.g., if you wanted to turn each pomodoro into 25 minutes or 0.5 hours, for some time goal) then pick the Beeminder goal to send the datapoints.

Note that the DIY arbitrary metrics stuff is only related to tasks.

How does my Intend data sync to Beeminder?

Beeminder receives updates to your goal directly from Complice when you check off tasks or complete pomodoros.

I submitted my data in Intend, but my Beeminder goal still derailed!

Contact Beeminder to get your derailment undone, and let us and Malcolm know about what happened, so we can figure things out.

I got an email saying my Intend data isn't being submitted, why?

Don't worry! Beeminder support get CC'd on that email, and we'll take a look at it and try to get back to you. If you have any additional details for us (like "this always happens when I use certain punctuation in my task names") then do hit reply to the email and let us know, to help us connect the dots. And of course, if you derail because data didn't get added, you can hit reply on the legitimacy check email and let us know, and we'll cancel that charge as well. (Don't just assume we'll notice without being explicitly told, just in case!)

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