Weight Gain/Loss goals

Weight Loss and Weight Gain goals are incredibly simple: enter your weight every day, which should be going down (or going up) over time. If you have a Fitbit or Nokia (formerly Withings) scale, you can even have Beeminder update a weight goal automatically!

I reached my goal weight! Can I keep the goal going, but switch to maintaining?

Awesome, and absolutely! Set a goal date and the goal rate to 0 to flatten out the road until the goal reaches its end date.

Can I set a goal that keeps me within a certain range?

No. The Weight Loss goal sets a daily maximum; the Weight Gain goal sets a daily minimum. If you want to stay within a range of values, you could use one of each goal to enforce both limits. But most people care about one side of the range far more than the other, so they beemind that upper or lower limit accordingly.

Can I hide the numbers on my graph? I want to show it off, but I want to hide my true weight value.

We built a feature just for this use case! In the graph settings, tick the Hide the numbers on the y-axis of the graph box, then click Update Graph to save changes. This will remove all datapoint values from your publicly-accessible goal page, so you can share your progress without sharing your weight.

The number shown on my countdown doesn't seem to make sense when I look at my graph. / My countdown color is different than my datapoint colors.

On weight goals, the countdown value shown counts down to when the goal changes lanes, rather than when the goal derails. The datapoints get colored differently on the graph based on the lane they're in.

If you're on the good side of the road (blue or green datapoints), the countdown value will be counting down toward the date when your datapoints would fall on the bad side of the road (orange or red). If nothing changes before the countdown expires, your latest datapoint would cross into the bad lane. The countdown would actually increase at that point, but now it'd be counting down to when you actually derail.

This is overly complicated, and we're going to simplify it in the future to work like the rest of the goals do.

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