• Private information is only viewable by you and Beeminder staff. Beeminder will not share your goals or data without your consent!
  • Public information can be viewed by anybody with the URL to your goal or gallery page. 

The default setting for new goals is public, with private data. What this means is that anyone can view your graph, but they cannot see your specific datapoint values or comments. You can adjust your default so that new goals are always private by checking the Make private box in account settings.

You can change these settings in the Privacy section of the Settings tab below the graph image.

Screenshot of the privacy options, including the options to "make this goal private", "make the datapoints public", and "make this goal featured - will appear in the featured gallery"

If you want a little extra motivation from the thought that people might be watching your progress on the goal... feature it! Featured goals are listed at, and anyone can browse the gallery and click into the goals to see more.

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