The Data Source setting allows you to cheat-proof your goal a little in some cases. Switching the data source from Manual to any of the other three options will hide the data entry boxes on the website and apps, so you can't enter data with them anymore. In that case, you do need a way to enter data, whether that's via an integration like IFTTT, or through the partnership we have with Boss as a Service.

Screenshot of the data source section in settings, showing radio buttons that allow for selecting manual, Zapier, IFTTT or API entry. There's also an option to add a webhook for realtime PESOS


If Beeminder receives a datapoint from IFTTT, Zapier or the API on a Manual goal, it will toggle the data source setting to the appropriate source automatically. But if you don't like that change, you can undo it by switching the source back to manual. Beeminder won't toggle it back again after that.

Screenshot of an icon showing a goal is locked to IFTTT entry only

Other autodata

If your goal is using an autodata integration like Fitbit or RescueTime, this field will show that information and you can't change it. If you'd like to remove the autodata integration from the goal and switch back to one of the non-integrated entry methods, change which integration is linked to your goal, or add an integration to a goal that didn't previously have one, contact support to see if that's something we can help with.

Screenshot showing a goal that is linked to automatic data entry from Fitbit. It says "At the moment, we don't have a way for you to swap data source here yourself for auto-data goals. But won't it be cool when we do have a handy way to do that?"

Keywords: autodata source, where data is populated from, BaaS, formerly related to weaselproofing (now No-Excuses Mode)

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