If you'd like us to let someone else know when you derail for accountability purposes, you'll need to give them a head's up about that and get their email address. Once you have that, you can head to the goal's page and click on the Settings tab under the goal. Scroll down until you get to the Supporters section. You can put their email in the box here and then click Add supporter.

Screenshot showing the supporters section of goal settings. "We'll include the following supporters on your derail email anytime you derail this goal. This is opt-in — we won't begin emailing them until they confirm their email address — but please do warn them ahead of time! We don't want to get spamboxed!"

This will send them an email confirming they want to be signed up to that, and once you're all set, we'll send them a copy of your legitimacy check email each time you derail on this goal. You'll need to set it separately for each goal, so don't forget to add someone as a supporter to every goal if you want them to know about all your derailments.

Important: please do make sure the people you add like this are okay with getting emails from Beeminder beforehand! If they get an email they don't recognize or expect and they mark it as spam, that trains spam filters to see Beeminder emails as spam, which is bad for us (and if they just spambox our email, that defeats the point for you as well!).

See also our ancient but still true blog post announcing the feature.

Keywords: extra accountability, slightly similar to StickK's referee feature

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