Persistent Android Notification

Starting with Android 8.0 "Oreo", Google has changed how apps in the background must behave. In order to keep running in the background, they must show a persistent notification in the status bar.

The Beeminder Android app runs in the background in order to do a better job syncing your data.

How can I turn off the notification?

To turn off the Beeminder persistent notification:

  1. Open Android Settings
  2. Choose Apps & notifications
  3. Choose Beeminder
  4. Choose Notifications
  5. Uncheck Foreground Services

Hiding the notification won't affect the app's ability to sync in the background.

Android may show a different notification if this notification is hidden, indicating that Beeminder is using battery in the background. Beeminder is using no more battery than before, and every app that runs uses battery. Good news, you can hide this notification as well!

To hide the Android battery notification, press and hold the notification, then select the option to turn it off.

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