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The Beeminder Android app can show you your goals, let you enter data, and send you Android notification reminders. You can also set up widgets to get a quick view of your progress on your home screen.

Logging in via Google/Github doesn't work!

Alas, we had to remove these options from the mobile apps for technical reasons. But don't worry, you aren't stuck! You can add a password to your account via the web version, and then use your username and password to log into the app.

You can even set a password by using the "Forgot your password?" link, even if you didn't have a password set before.

How do I add data to my goal?

Tap the goal in your goal list to open it in the app. The data entry fields are on the bottom half of the new screen. Check that the date and value are correct — you can use the +/- stepper buttons to adjust by 1 unit per tap, or tap the fields to edit them directly. Add a comment if you want, then press Submit to send it to Beeminder! The graph image will refresh, and the bare minimums and color will update if they've changed.

Screenshot of the Android data entry page, showing the graph, a list of datapoints, and a data entry form at the bottom

The Android app also lets you submit data using an in-app timer or an in-app tally counter (especially helpful for Odometer goals). Swipe left or right on the data entry fields to switch entry methods.

If you always add the same amount, e.g. a +1 each time you go to the gym, you could even create a widget

Can I use the timer feature to submit minutes instead of hours?

Nope, right now it only submits hours. If you want to use it on a goal that's already using minutes, you can scale the units on the existing goal. We recommend always measuring time-based goals in hours and using the colon shortcut to enter, for example, 45 minutes as "0:45" which Beeminder interprets as 0.75. If this is really awkward and annoying, let us know!

How do I refresh my data in the app?

For goals and the goal list main screen, tap the ♺ icon to fetch the latest goal status from Beeminder. To fetch the latest data for an autodata-integrated goal, press the Fetch New Data button below the graph image on the goal screen.

My goals aren't updating / my data isn't being submitted to Beeminder.

First, check that you're connected to the internet successfully. If you're using an app that disables WiFi or data after certain hours, it may be blocking your goal updates!

Second, check that your phone memory isn't full. On older versions of the app, running out of memory can prevent the app from syncing properly. (You might notice other apps mysteriously failing to sync as well, if this is the problem.)

Last, try logging out of the app and then logging back in to force a full refresh of the cached data. If goal information is still not updating properly, contact support.

My goals show up as derailed on the app, but I didn't get an email and they look fine on the site!

Your app data is stale and out of sync. Try the solutions in the questions above to refresh it!

How do I enable Android reminders?

Tap the ⋮ icon in the upper-right corner of the main screen and select Settings. Make sure that Enable notifications is checked. You can also edit the sound played and whether or not the phone vibrates with each notification right below that.

A screenshot showing where to find the settings menu and tap to enable notifications

My Android reminders don't seem to be working anymore.

Don't worry! We have a whole troubleshooting section in the app under Settings>Troubleshoot Notifications. Give that a try, and if none of it works, you can use the option in settings to "Send Feedback". Include the diagnostic log, and we'll take a look to see if we can narrow down the problem!

Completed, archived, and/or deleted goals are showing in my goal list.

To refresh the goal list screen, tap the ♺ icon near the top right of the screen. If the offending goals don't disappear, you can force a brand new sync by signing out and back into the Beeminder app. Finally, if neither of those work, deleting and reinstalling the app should clear them out.

What do the Android widgets do?

There are two different widget options:

Screenshot demonstrating the two types of Android widgets you can use with Beedroid, a small square one which lets you add data with a single tap, and a large resizable one which allows you to see a list of your goals and when they're next due

  • A smaller widget for any particular goal that displays the goal color, days until derailment, and amount needed to earn one more safe day
    • Tap the widget to open the goal in the Beeminder app
    • If you configure an Auto-fill value when adding the widget, the data entry field will be pre-populated with the value you selected when you tap the widget
  • A larger, scrollable widget that lists all your goals and their number of safe days, in order of decreasing urgency
    • Tap a goalname to open that goal in the Beeminder app
    • Tap the ♺ icon to sync the app with the Beeminder server
    • Checkmarks indicate that data has already been added to the goal today

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