Can I schedule breaks on many goals at once?

Yes, at It's very handy if you have a trip or something coming up. You'll see a table like the following:

Screenshot of the megabreak (as we've regrettably internally dubbed it, for lack of a better name) feature in action

You can click those column headers to sort your goals alphabetically or, more usefully, by how much safety buffer they have (or by how you've capped their safety buffers, if that matters for some reason). Then you just click the Take A Break checkbox on every goal you want a break for and fill in the dates. You can also specify the rate. By default that's zero to have a full break, but you may just want to make your goal a bit easier while on vacation or whatever.

There's a separate section at the bottom for Do Less goals. For these, you probably want to allow for a higher rate than usual, rather than a lower one, so that you can relax your "eat less ice cream" goal while on vacation.

For more details on setting breaks, see our other article on how to set a break on a single goal.

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