Can I put my goal on pause for a little bit?


If you're going to be away, unable to enter data, or just want some time away from your commitment, you can schedule a break on your Beeminder goal. You'll need to do that at least 7 days in advance, as with all changes that make the goal easier. If you have something come up last-minute and you need a break, or you've forgotten to schedule it, please contact support and we'll help you out.

See also our other article on scheduling breaks on all your goals at once.

Take a Break: Do More, Odometer

To schedule a break, use the Take a Break section below the Stop/Pause tab underneath the graph. Select the break start and end dates, as well as the rate you want the goal to have during that period. (This can also be used to make the goal harder temporarily by entering a rate that's higher than usual!) Press Schedule to submit the break. If there's a problem with your input, you'll get a red error message telling you what's wrong.

In the image above, I'm scheduling a break on my Do More from November 22, 2017 through November 26, 2017. The bright red line will begin sloping up again on November 27. These dates are inclusive, so November 22nd will have a rate of 0 as well.

After submitting the break, it will be visible in the Upcoming Changes list, even if you can't see that far on the graph yet! You can overwrite this break if necessary by scheduling an overlapping one, or by using the Graph Editor tool in settings(for Bee Plus and Beemium subscribers) or the experimental visual graph editor.

Take a Break: Do Less, manual data

All of the above instructions still apply, but also make sure you turn off the Pessimistic Presumptive Reports while you're gone! (If you don't know what those are, read about them first!)

Even if you drastically increase your goal rate for your break period, the PPRs will have new values to reflect your new rate, so you could still end up derailing on the goal while you're away. Turning off the PPRs will ensure that no data is entered while you're gone, so you don't even have to schedule the break if you don't want to.

Of course, you'll need to remember to turn them back on when you return so that the goal has some sting power again! You can also ratchet the graph to cut down on the safety buffer you accrued during your time off.

Take a Break: Do Less, automatic data

No PPRs on autodata goals! But if your data source is automatic and you'll be doing it on vacation, and/or if you're a big Quantified Self fan, you might still want to enter your data for the break period without being at risk of derailment. You can use Take a Break to increase the rate temporarily (as shown below), so that your vacation data still falls below the bright red line.

Take a Break: Whittle Down

All of the above instructions still apply.

If you're using an automatic data source (most commonly your Gmail inbox), your Whittle Down break may be cut short if you rise too far above the bright red line during your break. This isn't legit and we'll undo it if you contact support, but it is something to keep in mind when scheduling your break! A break rate of 100/day might be more effective than 0/day, so that you have extra buffer to fully ignore your inbox. When you return, you can ratchet the graph to cut down on the safety buffer you accrued during your time off.

Take a Break: Weight Gain & Loss

All of the above instructions still apply.

For weight goals, you may want to add a few extra days onto your break. If you weigh in far off the bright red line when your break period ends, you would derail that day, with very little time to do anything about it.

In that case, you can weigh in a few days before your break "officially" ends, so you know where you stand and still have a couple days to get back on track if necessary! However, if you weigh in above/below the bright red line and it gets entered on your graph via an automatic data source, then you'll still derail, so you might also want to think about scheduling a temporary jump in your graph.

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