What if I only want to do my goal on weekdays?

Automatically-scheduled weekends off are a feature of the Bee Plus and Beemium subscriptions! Check the box in the Stop/Pause tab below the graph to turn it on, and we'll schedule your first weekend off for the next Saturday and Sunday coming up. After that, your break will be automatically set 7 days before the weekend.

Why is there a warning asking me to change my rate to daily?

Sounds like this is what you're seeing!

Weekends off would still work for you, in theory: every weekend, we'd schedule the break... but you wouldn't be forced to meet the weekly rate you want to meet. As an example, imagine you want to do 14/week. You do 2 units each day on Monday through Friday, for a total of 10, and then your Saturday and Sunday would be flat, so you wouldn't have done 4 of the units you were aiming for, and you won't be punished or forced to catch up.

What you need to do in this situation is figure out the daily rate you want: take your weekly rate, and divide it by five. In this example, that's 2.8/day. Change your rate to that number per day in the commitment tab of the goal, submit the changes, and then you can use weekends off without fear!

What if I can't pay for premium to have weekends off?

In general, Beeminder doesn’t care too much about what specific days you do work on; it only cares that you stay on or ahead of your bright red line, on average. If you fall behind the average pace, you will derail, no matter what day it is. If you're above the bright red line, then you're safe. So you can set a goal of 5/week, stay on track on Monday-Friday, and then take your Saturday and Sunday off with no trouble.

It's important to remember that this can backfire. Let's say you have a goal to wake up at 8am five days a week, which you really only want to do on Monday-Friday — but you don’t succeed on Thursday. You’ll need to do it on Saturday or Sunday, or else you will derail over the weekend. (Which makes sense, of course, given that you didn’t meet your goal to wake up by 8am the 5 days of Monday-Friday!)

If you don't want to subscribe for the automatic breaks, you can always manually schedule breaks (using Take a Break) every weekend to explicitly get yourself off the hook, regardless of the fact that you slept in on Thursday. You'll need to remember to do that at least 7 days in advance every time, as with all changes that make the goal easier.

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