Pessimistic Presumptive Reports (PPRs)

If you have a Do Less goal, you'll find that when you don't enter data, we enter a datapoint for you! A Pessimistic Presumptive Report assumes the worst and enters a datapoint that will always be bigger than your current rate -- meaning it will eventually force your data across the line and derail you. This means you can never just walk away from a Do-Less goal, planning to enter your data later or just avoid the moment when you have to enter the awful numbers into your graph!

How do I avoid a PPR being added if I don't have data to add?

If you haven't done any of the thing you're trying to avoid (go you!) then you just need to add a 0 to avoid a PPR being added. That 0 tells it that you have checked in for the goal on that day!

How can I get rid of a PPR that was added when I forgot to add data?

You can just delete it from the Data tab under your graph, on the web version... but you can just overwrite it with your own data! As soon as you submit a datapoint to the same day, the PPRs automatically self-destruct.

I want to turn this feature off!

No problem! PPRs can be turned off from the Settings tab on the goal's page.

How can I take a break if I have PPRs on?

You could turn off the PPRs... but maybe you're worried that you'll forget to turn them back on! Instead, you can set the rate to 0 for the break and then use the email entry bot, the mobile apps or the Advanced Entry option on the goal's page to submit 0 datapoints for the whole time you won't be able to enter data. Once the flat spot in the graph ends, your graph will slope up like before and PPRs will automatically still catch you out if you haven't entered data!
If you don't like that solution, there's one other idea: if you have access to the graph editor or want to use the still-experimental visual graph editor, you could set a big cliff in your graph, like this:
Make sure you give yourself lots of leeway -- better too much than too little! PPRs based on your rate will eat into that while you're away, pushing towards the bright line the whole time. As long as you have enough buffer, they won't derail you.
When you get back, you can ratchet away any remaining buffer and go right back to normal.

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