How do I enter data to my goal?

There are a bunch of ways to submit data!

  • dashboard
  • goal page
  • apps
  • email
  • SMS (premium option, US-only)
  • have it automatically fed from another service
  • write your own automatic service using the Beeminder API

The date-value-comment format is used across all of them, though it may be presented slightly differently. Keep scrolling down for examples!


Screenshot of the dashboard, highlighting the toggle button on the left (a red hexagon with a down arrow in it) and the date dropdown, data entry box (with stepper buttons) and a comment box for additional information

To add data using the dashboard, you'll need to have the row for the goal expanded using the toggle icon on the left of each goal image (highlighted in a purple box). Then, select the correct day for the datapoint using the dropdown and enter the datapoint value in the middle box. If you want, you can add a comment in the text box, but it's not required. Click Add Progress to submit!

Goal page

Use the box on the right-hand side of the goal page, to the right of the graph image, to enter data. You can use the Form Entry shown on the left below, or click the Advanced Entry link (highlighted in purple in the screenshot) to swap to a shorthand text field instead. Advanced entry will let you enter multiple datapoints for any day in the past, so it's a handy option to have!

Comparison of the two data entry forms: on the left, the "Form entry" option, highlighting the date dropdown, the data entry box with stepper buttons, and the box for the optional comment. On the right, the "Advanced entry" form, showing recent data above a box where you write your data in the format '[date] [amount] ["optional comment"]', e.g. '6 1 "How do I enter data to my goal?"'


Check the iOS and Android pages for more detail and screenshots!


To add an email via the bot, you just need to send an email to The easiest way is to reply to the reminder emails Beeminder sends. You can also send non-reply emails; make sure the subject line contains your username/goalname so it knows where to enter the data. You should use the format shown in "what is my data?" in the emails. The bot will reply with a format reminder and copy Beeminder support if it can't parse what you send.

The bot will always reply to you when it receives your data, letting you know whether your graph was updated or if it had a parsing problem. If it doesn't reply, something might have gone wrong on our end


SMS entry works very similarly to email. Just include your goalname in front of the standard email data entry format. We also have a separate article all about our SMS bot. You do need to live in the US and have a Bee Plus or Beemium subscription for this option.

Autodata integration

If your goal has an automatic data source, most of this doesn't apply!

For most data sources, you can press the refresh button that appears in place of data entry boxes to fetch the latest data from your data source. Some sources (most popularly IFTTT and Zapier) push data to Beeminder, and the fetch button does not actually "fetch" anything! You'll need to visit the service to ensure that the applet/zap/task was completed successfully and sent information to Beeminder.

Check the help page for each integration to learn more!

Write your own code with the Beeminder API

This does mean you need to have coding skills, but it can be a great way of building personalised integrations. Have fun!

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