Okay, this isn't exactly an integration, but it'll live here for now.  Users with US phone numbers can enable SMS data entry and reminders.  


Add your phone number to your  account settings and press Save Changes.  You should immediately receive a text from the beebot (70-DID-MY-BEE aka 703-436-9233) with instructions.  Reply with start to finish activating your phone number.

Data Entry

Text the beebot using the format goalname date value "optional comment" to add data to a goal.  For example, this will update your weight graph with a value of 150 on the 20th: weight 20 150 "today I weighed 150."  


Check the SMS box in your reminder settings for any goal you'd like to get SMS reminders about.  


Send the word stop to the beebot, and/or remove your phone number from your account settings.  

Do you support international SMS?

Sorry, USA only right now!  If you don't have a US phone number but would love to use SMS,   let us know.  But if you've got access to the iOS or Android apps, those will give you all the features of SMS and then some.

I have SMS enabled and activated, but I'm not receiving any reminders.

It's possible your authorization silently expired.  Try deactivating SMS by removing your phone number from your account settings, then adding it back in right after.  The beebot will text you to reactivate (see above).  Once that's complete, you should begin receiving reminders again.  If that doesn't work, please contact support and we'll investigate!

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