iOS App (BeemiOS)

The Beeminder iOS app is a companion for the site which shows you your goals, lets you enter data, sends you iOS notification reminders, and updates data for any Apple Health-connected goals.

For other features, you'll still need to log into the Beeminder website (which should work in a mobile browser).

I can't log in via Google/Twitter/etc!

Alas, we had to remove these options from the app due to Apple's policies. But don't worry, you aren't stuck! You can add a password to your account via the web version, and then use your username and password to log into the app.

You can even set a password by using the "Forgot your password?" link!

How do I add data to my goal?

Tap the goal in your goal list to open it in the app. The data entry fields are on the bottom half of the new screen. Check that the date and value are correct — you can use the +/- stepper buttons to adjust, or tap the fields to edit them directly. Add a comment if you want, then press Submit to send it to Beeminder! The graph image will refresh, and the bare minimums and color will update if they've changed.

Screenshot from the iOS app of the individual goal view, highlighting the data entry form

You can also enable a widget on the Today screen that allows you to view your goals and see which might be due.

Screenshot of the Beeminder widget, showing a view of current goals and how much is due on each

How do I enable iOS reminders?

This needs to be done from your device Settings, under Settings>Beeminder>Notifications. Tap the toggle to enable them.

To check your settings for specific goals, go to the Beeminder app and tap the gear in the upper-right corner of the main screen to open the app settings.

Screenshot of the top part of the goal view in the Beeminder iOS app, highlighting the settings gear icon on the top right

There you'll see this screen:

Screenshot of the settings screen of the Beeminder iOS app, with the third option in the list, "emergency notifications", option highlighted

Tap on "Emergency notifications: on" and give it a moment for a list of your goals to load. You can then tap on a specific goal to tweak its settings.

My iOS reminders don't seem to be working anymore.

First, try switching the notifications off and on again, via your iOS settings for this app. This sets a new token, which can help get things working.

Next, double-check your reminder settings to ensure that reminders are enabled and scheduled to happen when you want them to.

Last, try logging out of the app and then logging back in to force a full refresh of the cached data. If goal information is still not updating properly, contact support and we can talk it over with you to try getting things figured out.

How do I refresh my data in the app?

On either the goal list screen or an individual goal page, pull down until the spinning wheel appears. This will also fetch the latest data for an autodata-integrated goal. (On older app versions, tap the ♺ icon on the upper-right corner of the goal screen.)

My goals screen is blank and nothing is loading when I refresh

Have you created any Beeminder goals? You can't create goals using the app yet, but once you've made a goal (or more) on the site (it should work in the mobile version!), they will load in the app view.

If you have goals and it's still empty, check that your phone memory isn't full. Running out of memory can prevent the app from syncing properly. (You might notice other apps mysteriously failing to sync as well, if this is the problem.)

Last, try logging out of the app and then logging back in to force a full refresh of the cached data. If goal information is still not updating properly, contact support.

Completed, archived, and/or deleted goals are showing in my goal list

To refresh the goal list screen, pull down until the spinning wheel appears. If the offending goals don't disappear, you can force a brand new sync by signing out & back into the Beeminder app. Finally, if neither of those work, deleting and reinstalling the app should clear them out.

How do I create a goal with Apple Health integration?

See the Apple Health page for more detailed instructions, screenshots, and questions about using this integration!

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