Can anybody else add data to my goal?

Yep! For example when using our Boss as a Service integration, or if you make a mistake with the bot the support team can then correct it. It can also come in handy when you have an accountability buddy, since they can add the data for you via our email bot after they check in with you.

With the email bot, if data comes in from an unrecognized address we tentatively accept it (since almost 100% of the time so far this has been the actual user sending email from a different address than the one they signed up for Beeminder with) and just let you know so you can cry foul in case of shenanigans.

If someone does add data to your goal without your permission/knowledge, just reply to that warning email and let us know! We'll help you remove any spurious data if you're having trouble, and blacklist the address that tried to send data to your goal.

This method only allows data to be added, and doesn't allow others to change your goal (such as changing your goalname or the rate of your goal). If you get an email saying someone else added data to your goal, it doesn't mean they have access to your private account data that you can only see via logging in.

Keywords: privacy, security, rogue data

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