What if I only want to do something once a month?

Or once a quarter, or even once a year? Or you want to finish something by a certain date, but you don't necessarily need to start it immediately?

Most Beeminder goals are things people want to do pretty often (daily or weekly), but these sorts of so-called chunky goals are not a problem for Beeminder either! When creating the goal, make sure to tick the box to "start with extra leeway" and set your goal rate accordingly.

Start a goal with extra buffer

Let's say I want to make a goal to attend one conference per quarter, but my next scheduled one isn't for another two months. I'd make a Beeminder goal to attend 4 conferences per year (that's 4/365 per day) and start my goal with 30 days of leeway (the max that the goal creation interface allows, contrary to the above out-dated screenshot oops). Once the goal's created, I can use the schedule-a-break feature in the STOP/PAUSE tab below the graph to extend it to 60 days.

That gives me some safety buffer, so my goal won't derail before I can attend my first conference. After I attend it, I enter a 1 to my goal, and Beeminder will start counting down about 90 more days before I need to attend my second!

With 60 days buffer, it's not due til August 12

(Curious about the +0.02? That's the rounded-up version of the daily rate on the goal. 4/365 = 0.01096 conferences per day. Obviously I can't attend a fractional conference, so when I attend my conference on August 11th and enter my datapoint of 1, I'll earn 89 days of safety buffer!)

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