What if I only want to do something once a month?

Or once a quarter, or even once a year?  Or you want to finish something by a certain date, but you don't necessarily need to start it immediately?

Most Beeminder goals are things people want to do pretty often (daily or weekly), but these sorts of "chunky goals" are not a problem for Beeminder either! When creating the goal, make sure to tick the box to "start with extra leeway" and set your goal rate accordingly.

Start a goal with extra buffer

Let's say I want to make a goal to attend one conference per quarter, but my next scheduled one isn't for another two months. I'd make a Beeminder goal to attend 4 conferences per year and start my goal with 60 days of leeway. That gives me some safety buffer, so my goal won't derail before I can attend my first conference. After I attend it, I enter a 1 to my goal, and Beeminder will start counting down about 90 more days before I need to attend my second!

With 60 days buffer, it's not due til August 12

(Curious about the +0.02?  That's the rounded-up version of the daily rate on the goal.  4/365 = 0.01096 conferences per day.  Obviously I can't attend a fractional conference, so when I attend my conference on August 11th and enter my datapoint of 1, I'll earn 89 days of safety buffer!)

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