Can I decrease the pledge on my goal?

You can lower your pledge if you wish, but there are some caveats:

  1. This has a 7-day wait to take effect, like anything which makes your goal easier.
  2. Each step-down requires a click, and each one takes seven days to take effect (but if you need to do multiple step-downs and it feels unfair to wait, you can contact support after the first one completes, and ask for us to step it down to the correct level).
  3. You can only lower your pledge as far as $5, unless you have a Beemium subscription. If you have Beemium, you can lower the pledge all the way to $0, though we don't really recommend this.

To do this, click on your current pledge amount to open up the "Adjust pledge" modal:

Goal header showing a goal that has a current pledge of $30, with that section highlighted

You can also do this from the "Pledge" section under the "Commitment" tab below the graph.

To go ahead and lower your pledge, click "decrease pledge to $X".

Adjust pledge modal, demonstrating the decrease and increase pledge buttons

Once you've set up a stepdown, you'll be able to see the planned new pledge in the header. In this screenshot, the pledge is decreasing from $30 to $10.

Goal header showing a goal that has a current pledge of $30, going down to $10

You can click on the pledge again to recheck the modal if you want to see what date the change will kick in. The screenshot below shows the change I just made will kick on 2022-02-17.

Adjust pledge modal, showing the countdown to the pledge stepping down

If you change your mind, you can click "Cancel change", and the countdown will stop. In this example, the pledge will then stay at $30!

After the akrasia horizon, your new pledge will kick in and your next derailment will charge you at $10. Don't forget that you need to separately adjust your pledge cap if you want to change that as well! Otherwise, after your next derailment, the pledge will go back up (e.g. to $30, in the above example).

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