Can I limit how high my pledge gets?

Yes, you can! You can set a pledge cap on each goal, and you can have different pledge caps on different goals.

For example, normally if you derailed at $10, the pledge would automatically increase to the next step in the pledge schedule which is $30. But if I cap it at $10 it will stay at $10 and all subsequent derailments will cost $10... but I can have a different goal where the cap is $30, and the pledge would increase to that level when I derailed on that goal.

To change the cap, click the pledge amount in the top line on the goal page to bring up the pledge settings. To set the pledge cap, pick the level you want to be the highest pledge you can pay using the +/- stepper buttons. Click Update to save changes.

The adjust pledge modal, where you can see your current pledge and pledge cap, and make changes to them

You cannot select a pledge cap lower than the goal's current pledge. If you want to do this, first step down the current pledge to that amount or lower, and then the desired pledge cap value will become available.

Keywords: pledge caps, pledge ceiling, highest possible amount at risk

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