How do I manage my premium subscription?

Interested in premium? Beeminder's premium plans aren't necessary to use Beeminder, but they can add a couple of features that hardcore users might find useful, as well as unlimited goal slots available immediately.

(If you just want more goals but don't need them instantly, check out the ways to get free goals!)

How do I subscribe to premium?

To subscribe to premium, change your payment frequency or subscription level, or cancel your premium subscription, visit the premium page, also linked in the Beeminder top navigation under Premium.

You can use the slider below the plan buttons to get a discounted premium subscription cost. If you opt to pay larger amounts less frequently, we'll give you a discount over what you'd pay on a regular monthly subscription. Longer payment interval = larger discount!

Can I upgrade my plan?

Yep! To upgrade to a higher-level plan, press the Add Plan button underneath the plan you want to sign up for. If you upgrade with time still left on a different premium plan, the leftover time will be applied toward the new plan.

Can I downgrade my plan?

To downgrade to a lower-level plan (including Core Beeminder, i.e. no subscription), press the Downgrade button underneath the plan you want to switch to. You'll still get the benefits of your current plan until your subscription runs out, when we'll renew it at the new, lower rate.

Which benefits do I lose when I downgrade?

Things you lose: auto-ratcheting, pledges capped at $0 for Beemium, the ability to make new custom goals... The rule of thumb is that if it involves actively doing something, it stops when your subscription stops.

Things you keep: goals that you've made (including goal types that aren't available on the free version), any higher pledge levels you've raised your goal to, and usually anything else that you can set once and forget about.

If there's a specific feature you're wondering about, ask away!

I have other questions!

For more, see the FAQ on the premium page itself. If that doesn't help, let us know; we're eager to hear your feedback and figure out how to make things clearer.

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