How do auto-canceling subscriptions work?

If you don't use Beeminder for 30 days in a row, i.e. no data is added during that time, we'll send you an email letting you know your premium subscription is on hold, and we'll stop charging you for it. If you return and start beeminding again (e.g. by creating a goal or adding a datapoint), your subscription will reactivate automatically, and the charges will begin at the same frequency as before.

Essentially, it's an automatic pause in subscription renewal, so that you don't get charged for features you aren't using, but once you're active again all the features you usually use will be right there at your fingertips right away.

Only adding data (manually or automatically) or creating a new goal counts as being active. Simply logging in, or even making changes to your goals (e.g. changing the rate or adding a break) will not prevent your premium subscription being automatically paused, or restart it when you return.

If you want to end your subscription, you need to downgrade your plan to Core Beeminder.

More details and background on the blog!

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