Why did Beeminder charge my card?

On your Payments page, you can see all the past charges we've made, from all sources: derailments, subscriptions, GTBee, IFTTT charge action, and the charge endpoint of the Beeminder API. This should have a description explaining what the charge is and where it came from.

Each charge is either paid, failed, settled (PayPal only), or refunded. One failed charge may be listed multiple times — once it's failed, it will never update to paid; instead, a new charge with the same information is created and tried, so multiple "failed" items may represent a single charge.

Note that derailment charges are usually listed for one day after you actually derailed on the goal, due to the 24-hour legitimacy check waiting period between the derailment happening and the charge being processed. This delay can be increased by support if necessary, so sometimes a charge will be listed a few days after the actual derailment happened. You'll receive a "legitimacy check" email on the day your goal derails, so checking for that is the best way to check exactly when you actually derailed. For many goals, the automatic #derail datapoint will also show you the right date when a derailment happened.

You should be able to cross-check any charges on your card with our list to see exactly what triggered the charge. If anything seems off, please contact support so you can help us investigate!

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