What happens if a charge fails?

First thing, we'll send you an email about it, which you can reply to if anything has gone wrong. We get those replies in support and can take the conversation from there!

Pending that conversation, we'll also place a flag on your account that hides the graph images (but does not deactivate your goals) until the failed charge succeeds. While the flag is active, you can't create new goals, restart old goals, or see your graph images... but you'll still get reminders and can add data, and you can still derail again. If you derail again while the flag is active, that goal will go into an inactive state where no more data can be added, and it won't derail again after that point. This is a per-goal setting, so if one goal freezes, others can still be active until they derail as well.

We automatically retry the charge one more time 24 hours after the first try fails. If the second try succeeds, the flag is lifted and you're back to business as usual. If not, the flag remains.

After that, the only way to clear the flag is to update your card info (which can just mean reinputting the same details if the card failed due to lack of funds, but is actually still valid).

If you can't figure out why the charge would have failed, you can send us an email in support to help us get to the bottom of what's happening!

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