Can't you just lie about your data?

We call that "weaseling," and sure, you could. But if you were the type who would falsify your data to weasel out of paying what you pledged on your Beeminder goal, then you probably would’ve rolled your eyes and walked away a long time ago, certainly before making it to the depths of our help pages.

We've written a few blog posts about weasels in the past: Combatting Cheating and Weasel Heart-To-Heart. Ultimately, there's no benefit to anyone in beeminding something if you're not going to be honest about it: you don't achieve what you were trying to, and Beeminder doesn't make money. If it's not working for you, that's quite all right — you can adjust the goal to make it easier and reduce the temptation, or archive it to walk away entirely just 7 days later.

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