Can I increase the pledge on my goal?

Most people can't do this, except the slow way (by derailing, step by step).

There are a couple of reasons behind this, but here's the one that matters most: we don't think you need to increase your pledge right away. It's usually better to step through the levels until you find your motivation point for a specific goal. Maybe you think you'll never get out of bed with anything less than $270 at stake... but maybe the risk of paying $90 is actually enough. Our schedule allows you to explore that and make sure the stakes fit the goal, without having to guess and risk ending up with an inappropriate pledge that makes everything too scary.

However, if you pay for the Beemium subscription, then we guess you're pretty hardcore and know what you're doing, so we've made it possible for you!

You can increase the pledge from the pledge modal that opens when you click your current pledge in the header, or from the "Pledge" section in the "Commitment" tab under the graph.

Screenshot showing the goal header, with the current pledge highlighted in a red box to show you where you need to click to open the pledge modal

To increase your pledge, click on "increase pledge to $10" in the modal.

Screenshot showing the Adjust Pledge modal, with the option "increase pledge to $10" highlighted

If you want to increase your pledge, this happens immediately (since it makes your goal harder). If you want to increase by another step, click it again until you're happy you're on the right pledge level. Don't forget to set your pledge cap as well!

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