Can I restart an archived goal?

The short answer is: definitely!

OK, but how?

To do so, go to your archived gallery (linked at the foot of your gallery and dashboard) and select the goal, or go straight to the goal's page. You'll see a restart button there, and if you click that, you'll go into the options for getting the goal working again. You can choose the rate, the starting pledge (which will vary based on the goal's previous pledges), the pledge cap, and the starting buffer. Hit restart, and it's as simple as that!

Screenshot showing the restart page, which says "Restarting [goalname]", then has a set of steppers and an entry box for choosing your rate, including a dropdown for choosing whether you're setting it per day, per week, etc. Below that you can choose your pledge using radio buttons, and set the pledge cap using the stepper. The final section allows you to restart the goal with safety buffer, like in goal creation. Finally there's a restart button, to lock in those buttons and get started.

Where'd my data go?

When you restart a goal, the old data isn't lost, but we give you a fresh start on the graph by moving the x-min to the current date. This is because if there's a long time since you last entered data on the goal, it'll look pretty weird -- a long blank spot and a way zoomed-out graph -- and won't be representative of your current efforts.

But, if you want to see your historical progress as well, that's possible! Just go to the goal's settings and change the x-min. Clearing the field will set it to the date you created the goal, or you can add a specific date to start it from.

Screenshot showing the x-min, x-max, y-min and y-max settings. In this case the x-min box is filled in with a date, denoting the lower bound on the x-axis, i.e. "don't show data before this date"

Why can't I start at $0/$5 like usual?

The options for restarting a goal depend on what pledge you had before. We let you start either at that same pledge again, or one step higher. We wouldn't want to make you step through the levels all over again just to get back to the point you already know from previous experience was at or below your motivation point, after all!

But if you think things have changed, you're not stuck with a higher pledge. You can lower it with a 7-day wait, like any other goal. You can also start off with some leeway if you want to be sure you don't derail before the stepdown can take effect.

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