Can I export my data?

Yup! You can find .csv and .tsv export links near the bottom of the Data tab below the graph.

You can also export data using the all-datapoints endpoint of the Beeminder API. If you have a lot of datapoints in your goal, please be conservative using this!

You can also provide a URL to which Beeminder will send POST requests anytime a new datapoint is added to the graph, if you want to maintain a live copy of your data. Add the URL to the Data Source setting under the Settings tab and hit Update Goal to save. This callback may fail silently; an occasional fetch of the all-datapoints endpoint mentioned above is a good idea to keep everything in sync.

How you might use the webhook feature:

  • Real-time PESOS
  • Use data added to one Beeminder goal to automatically update a second (check out an example in Perl)

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