How do I delete my account?

If your account was created less than 7 days ago or does not have any active goals, you can delete your account immediately in the Delete Account section of your account settings. It's as simple as clicking a button!

Screenshot of a "Delete Account" button

Otherwise, you need to contact support to delete your account. We include this step to intentionally make it a little more difficult to quit everything entirely and immediately. The whole point of Beeminder is to get you to stick to your goals, after all! Deleting your account is the exact opposite of that, and it shouldn't be as easy as snapping your fingers.

Screenshot showing the "Delete Account" section when you can't immediately delete it. The text says: "You have active goals and your account is more than a week old, so to delete your account, please email We know, we know -- making it hard to delete your account is a particularly stupid dark pattern, BUT... the whole point of Beeminder is to hard-commit to things, to put your flaky future self on the hook. So if you could instantly delete your account, that would defeat ze entire point of ze commitment device. But if you email us we'll delete it tout de suite, promise."

Having to email us adds a little bit of friction and time delay, which gives an opportunity for your long-term thinking to kick in and shout "wait, no!" if deleting your account is actually counterproductive for you.

That said, we never refuse to delete an account, though we might remind you of other options like taking breaks and archiving your goals if it sounds like you'd like to keep using Beeminder and are just not sure about something!

When you first email us, we ask you for a confirmation email just to prove the initial request came from you. This process is just to make sure you're the person making the request; it might be unlikely for anyone else to interfere, but since we delete all your data right away, it's important to be cautious. While we wait for the confirmation, we'll ensure you're not going to be charged again if we can help it.

Once we've received your confirmation, we'll go ahead and delete everything, and confirm to you that that has been done.

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