How do I delete my account?

If your account was created less than 7 days ago or does not have any active goals, you can delete your account immediately in the Delete Account section of your account settings.

Otherwise, contact support. We include this step to intentionally make it a little more difficult to quit everything entirely and immediately. The whole point of Beeminder is to get you to stick to your goals — deleting your account is the exact opposite of that, and it shouldn't be as easy as snapping your fingers! Having to email us adds a little bit of friction and time delay, which gives an opportunity for your long-term thinking to kick in and shout "wait, no!" if deleting your account is actually counterproductive for you.

That said, if you ask us to delete your account, we'll do it: we never refuse.

When you first email us, we ask you for a confirmation email just to prove the initial request came from you, and then we'll go ahead.

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