Why should I use Beeminder over StickK?

Beeminder is, in our humble opinions, far superior to StickK for graphable goals. And it’s not just our pretty graphs or our data import/export or bot reminders. More fundamentally it’s that Beeminder understands that commitment contracts suck. You’ve probably noticed that you often (ironically) procrastinate on using them, even when you see the clear need. What sucks is the loss of flexibility — maybe losing weight will be more painful than you think, maybe something will come up at work. So many unknowns. Committing is scary (and rationally so!).

Beeminder offers the the best of both worlds: meaningful commitment with maximal flexibility. Beeminding means committing to keep your datapoints on the right side of the bright red line, but the steepness of the line is under your control, with a one-week delay.

In short: Don’t dogmatically stickK to your goals, beemind them!

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