Historical note: Withings was acquired by Nokia in 2016 and became known as "Nokia Health" for a year or so. Then, amazingly, the founder bought Withings back from Nokia again in 2018 and it was back to Withings! We've been huge fans of Withings since the very beginning.

What can I beemind with Withings?

You can beemind your weight, in kilograms or pounds. These goals are all weight loss by default, but we can flip the switch to a gaining goal behind the scenes if you contact support.

Occasionally people want to beemind body fat percentage. We're not huge fans of that metric (mostly because it's difficult to calculate accurately, cheaply, and quickly), but we can set up the goal for you if you want. Just create a weight goal, then contact support!

Do I need to weigh in every day?

Nope, the only day it matters is your beemergency day. We think it's incredibly helpful and that you will be more successful if you weigh in daily, but it's not required.

I deleted my datapoint in Beeminder, but it came back!

Any deleted or edited datapoints in the last 7 days will be replaced with Withings's value. If this data is incorrect for any reason, you'll need to modify it in Withings directly or contact Beeminder support for a workaround.

Someone else stepped on my scale, and now I have a bad datapoint in my graph!

Delete both the weigh-in in your Withings account and the datapoint in Beeminder.

How much Withings history does Beeminder access?

When you create the goal, we'll import all the available weight data, but your graph will only show data starting on the goal creation date.

My weight looks like it's reporting in kilograms, but I want it in pounds (or vice versa).

Contact support and we'll fix it for you.

Withings sample goal setup

  1. Head to create a new goal (also accessible through the New Goal link in the top menu).
  2. Click the Withings icon to start a new goal using Withings data.
  3. Enter your current weight, then select the correct unit from the dropdown. You can also press the Fetch From Withings button to get the most recent value directly from your data.

    Here you'll also enter the most your weight can fluctuate in from one day to the next.

    Press Next. If you haven't yet authorized Beeminder to access Withings data, the button will say Connect to Withings instead and take you to a page to do just that! You will return to goal creation after.
  4. Give your goal a one-word name. If you want, you can also write a short description with more information.
  5. Finally, choose your initial pledge. This is the amount you will pay the first time you derail on the goal. After derailing, the pledge will increase by default — use the checkbox and +/- stepper below to control how high it goes. In the example below, I have chosen to start at a $5 pledge, which will increase each time I derail, until it reaches $30 — the pledge cap. (To read more about pledges and payments, check out some FAQs!)

  6. You now have a perfectly flat goal at your initial weight! This'll be great for preventing a gain, but not so great for enforcing a loss. Change the goal to a negative rate (and preferably a modest one!) to put yourself on the hook starting in 7 days.
  7. And that's it! I'll probably need to watch my diet over the next couple weeks to avoid paying Beeminder my first $5.

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