Account details

The account details section is where you can view and modify some of the basic info about your account (like your email address and timezone).

Your profile


If you want to input your name, you can. It isn't made public, but it will appear in the top right-hand corner in place of your username when you're logged in. If you don't want to add your name, you can leave this blank and we'll display your username in that spot.


This is the email address associated with your account. All of your reminders, legit checks, beemails, and any other support-driven messages will be sent to this account, and you'll need to respond to them if you have any problems, so make sure it's the one you check most frequently!

You can also log in using this email if you forget your username.

If you want to change the email address you use with Beeminder, you can do that here by typing in the new address and hitting "save changes" below.


We infer this automatically during account creation, and you can correct it then or later if we've got it wrong. Any change will take effect immediately, so be wary if it's a big change and your goal deadlines might have hit already in the new timezone! If you need to change your timezone, you can find the right timezone in the dropdown and then save the change using the "save changes" button below. We automatically manage daylight savings as long as you pick the right timezone, so e.g. if you live in the UK, you want to choose UTC+0, London, even during BST.

It's probably safest to complete your goals before changing your timezone, but if you run into any trouble, don't hesitate to contact support.

Phone number

If you're a Bee Plus or Beemium subscriber with a US phone number, you can enable the SMS bot to enter data and/or receive reminders. We won't contact you by phone for any other reason.

About you

You can add a short blurb about yourself here. It will display on your gallery page ( for other people, for you), and looks like this:

Screenshot of shanaqui's profile, showing their avatar, the length of time they've been beeminding, their short blurb "Reads, blogs, games, crochets" and a link to a page of their choice

Your site

Here you can add a link to your site, for example to your blog. It will be displayed on your gallery page, as in the image above.

Your password

In this section, you can change your password by putting in the new password you want to set, and then typing it again in the next field for confirmation.

Your avatar

By default, the avatar we use is from Gravatar. If you would like to replace this image, you can add anything you like here. The file size must be 0.5mb or smaller.

Your subscription

This section gives details of your subscription, if you have one. However, to change your subscription frequency or subscription level, you'll need to go to the premium page.

Beemail settings

"Beemails" are our newsletters, written usually by Danny (the CEO), and containing a range of Beeminder-related information and musings.

Daily beemails may not be literally every day, but they're typically very frequent. Recipients of daily beemails will receive all the other types of beemail automatically.

Weekly beemails are less frequent, but they'll keep you in the loop and may include invitations to test new features or new integrations. Recipients of the weekly beemails will also receive the monthly and yearly beemails.

Monthly beemails tend to focus more on what's new, for example completed new integrations. Recipients of monthly beemails will also receive yearly beemails.

Yearly beemails usually try to cover the big things, and happen once yearly.

Never means you'll never receive any newsletters at all.

Delete account

If you have a new account or no active goals, you can delete your account and all your data by clicking a button here. You'll also lose your username and the URL of your goal gallery.

If you have an established account with active Beeminder goals, then you see something like this:

You have active goals and your account is more than a week old, so to delete your account, please email We know, we know — making it hard to delete your account is a particularly stupid dark pattern, BUT... the whole point of Beeminder is to hard-commit to things, to put your flaky future self on the hook. So if you could instantly delete your account, that would defeat ze entire point of ze commitment device. Of course email if you really need it to be immediate for any reason.

Check out our help doc about account deletion if you're unsure about what to do!

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