Android App Beta Testing

We release preview versions of the Beeminder Android app to our beta testers before most of our releases. We do this to get direct feedback and to find issues when our app is used on different devices or in different ways than in our internal testing.

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You can join the beta test by signing up on the Play Store. If there's a newer beta than any version you may have installed, it should automatically install within a few minutes.

As always, we'd love any of your feedback, but even just using the app will help us know when it's potentially ready for wider release. It's important to be clear that because it's a beta release, it may be broken in certain ways, and this isn't a good way to just opt into cool new features sooner. It's more like you're doing us a favour by helping to test things out (and we really appreciate that!).

Sometimes, we have extra betas that aren't released to everyone because they require extra changes to your account in order to work. If you're interested in joining those, they'll probably be mentioned in the daily/weekly beemails, or if you're having a particular problem that a new version may fix.

Ahhh! This is horrible and I need to go back immediately!

Don't worry! You can always go back to the latest released version.

Start by going to the Beta Test page. It has instructions for leaving the test, and then the public Beeminder app will show up at the Play Store. You will need to uninstall the beta version, and then the public version will be available for you to download.

Uninstalling and reinstalling will mean you will have to recreate your Android Beeminder widgets, but all your goals are saved on our servers so everything else in your account will remain the same.

I signed up for the beta and nothing happened!

If that happens, we probably don't have a beta version available at the moment. Don't worry, there will be opportunities in future! The app tends to get updated in bursts, so just keep an eye out.

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