How much does Beeminder cost?

That kind of depends on how you set things up, and how often you derail!

Beeminder costs nothing to join, and you can create three active goals without paying anything. Additional free goals can be given out in exchange for feedback by clicking the "More free goals" button when you run out of goals and really want to start a new one. You get an additional goal slot for each derailment you pay for, as well.

Some users choose to add a monthly premium subscription for extra features, including unlimited goals. Premium features and costs are detailed on our premium page — check out the slider if you're interested in a pre-pay discount!

Without premium, charges actually kick in when you have derailments on your goals (i.e. when you fail to complete them in time), and the overall cost will depend on how you set your pledge and how often you derail. You can change your pledge (with a 7-day wait for the change to kick in) and set a cap for the highest you can be charged on a given goal.

The lowest possible charge for a derailment is $5 (aside from in the first week if you choose to hold the pledge at $0 while you test out the goal).

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