CodeCombat is a self-paced educational video game aimed at teaching the basics of a number of coding languages (HTML, Javascript and Python, for example). Users gain points to represent their progress!

What can I beemind with the CodeCombat integration?

You can beemind the number of points you've earned on CodeCombat by completing levels/lessons within the game.

Why did you create a goal where I already have points at the beginning, instead of starting from zero?

When we made the goal, we checked with CodeCombat how many points you have already. That gets imported as your first datapoint and allows us to start the y-axis at the right value, so we don't give you credit for all the lessons you've already done!

CodeCombat sample goal setup

  1. Head to create a new goal.
  2. Click the CodeCombat icon to start a new goal using CodeCombat data.

    CodeCombat icon, two Cs on a shield

  3. First, enter the username you use on CodeCombat. Then you need to choose the number of points you want to aim for per day. I'm a novice and haven't used the site for long, so I'm going to start small! I can always make it more difficult later.

    If you want to delay your goal's start a few days (maybe you're traveling this weekend), be sure to tick the "Start this goal with extra leeway" box. Enter the number of days you want to delay.

    Screenshot of CodeCombat goal setup, showing the Beeminder and CodeCombat icons at the top and followed by a field labelled "My CodeCombat Username Is" with a text entry box, then a box where you need to enter an amount you want to do per day, and a ticky box below to add extra leeway
  4. Give your goal a brief name. If you want, you can also write a short description with more information.

    "Give your goal a name", followed by two text entry boxes. The first allows you to enter a short slug which will name your goal and create a URL for it. The second textbox allows you to set a short description, and is optional.
  5. Finally, choose your initial pledge. This is the amount you will pay the first time you derail on the goal. After derailing, the pledge will increase by default — use the dropdown below to control how high it goes by selecting the cap. In the example below, I have chosen to start at a $5 pledge, which will increase each time I derail, until it reaches $270 — the pledge cap. (To read more about pledges and payments, check out some FAQs!)

    If you want to start out with a sort of trial period, you can choose to start the goal at $0. If you do that, the pledge will automatically increase to $5 after seven days. If you derail before that, it will also increase to $5.

    Screenshot of the "Starting Stakes" screen. The text says "Your pledge will increase each time you derail until you reach your pledge cap (which you can adjust below)", with a demonstration below showing the pledge progression: 5, 10, 30, 90... to the pledge cap, which currently shows $270. Below, a checkbox button allows you to choose to "Hold the pledge at $0 for 7 days while I get my feet wet"
  6. And that's it! Step through the preview and payment confirmation to see your new graph. I'll need to start getting more points in the next 4 days to avoid paying Beeminder my first $5.

    Example graph, showing that shanaqui has +2 points due in four days or they have to pay $5

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