Make (formerly Integromat)

Make (formerly Integromat) is a service which specialises in connecting two apps/services, sending data from one to the other.

What can I beemind with Make?

You can send data to Beeminder from other services such as RSS feeds (though we have our own RSSminder for that too!), Stripe, Discord, Twitch, Reddit, and many others.

How do I create a Make goal?

First, make sure you know what type of data you want to send via Make, so you can decide which kind of goal will be appropriate. For example, if you want Make to send a +1 to a goal when you use another service, then a Do More goal is the most appropriate type of goal.

Once you've decided on that, you'll need to create a Beeminder goal ready to receive the data from Make. You'll start off by creating a goal with manual data entry, and Beeminder will swap it.

Can I start sending Make data to an existing goal?

Probably! If the existing goal is using a Beeminder autodata integration, you'll need to contact support first. We can then remove the original integration for you so that you can add Make instead.

It can be very much simpler to start a new goal, because there are no potential conflicts between the types of data you entered previously and the data you're going to be adding via Make.

Why can't I enter manual data on the website now I've connected the goal with Make?

When we first receive a datapoint from an automatic data source like Make, we change the Data Source in your goal settings to indicate that it's been picked up as having an automatic data source. Normally, the automatic data source is meant to be the only source of data, so we try to ensure that your goal stays true to the data source by discouraging manual data entry.

However, if you don't like this setting, or if something's gone wrong and you need to input missing information, you can switch that setting back to Manual and the entry boxes will appear again. (And we won't switch it back on you anymore!)

I did my goal right before the deadline, but Make sent my data too late and I derailed.

Not legit, of course! Contact us in support and we'll fix it. The best way to do that is by replying to the "legitimacy check" email you received when you derailed.

Can I see an example?

One of our users has an excellent example over on the forum, showing how he beeminds saving money via YNAB. If you come up with any neat ideas, we'd love to see them shared on the forum as well!

How is Make different from IFTTT and Zapier?

Other than having a different kind of interface, Make can link Beeminder up with services that IFTTT and Zapier may not offer. It can be worth checking all three to see whether any of them might be able to create the link you want... but we'd also love to hear about the integrations of your dreams, so we can consider supporting them on Beeminder itself! Contact support to let us know about the stuff you'd love to see.

Keywords: autodata integrations, meta-integrations, productivity, automation, see also Zapier, see also IFTTT

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