What happens if I forgot to enter data?

Not a problem! We absolutely recommend that you enter your data as soon as you've done the thing, but you can technically enter data for any day in the past at any time. If you forgot to yesterday, enter it today, but make sure you update the date so that the value is submitted for the correct day.

On certain types of goals, like Do-Less goals, this may derail you immediately if your data is suddenly on the wrong side of the bright red line. If that comes as a surprise and you feel that you shouldn't have derailed, you can reply to the legitimacy check email to let support know, and we'll help straighten things out.

If you derailed on the goal because you forgot to enter your data, and you should actually have been safe, you should enter the data and then reply to the legitimacy check email so that support knows to undo your derailment — the sooner, the better!

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