How do I interpret the graph?

Your graph is the representation of all your progress thus far on your Beeminder goal. Though you can use Beeminder without understanding or relying on the graph, we think they're super interesting and add a ton of value and motivation to help you achieve your goals!

The bright red line is the line Beeminder draws to your final goal date / value. You can change your final goal any time, but those changes won't take effect until 7 days after you make them.

Every time you enter data to your Beeminder goal, you create or modify a datapoint on the graph. Each datapoint is green, blue, orange, or red, depending on where it falls in relation to the bright red line:

  • Green datapoints are great — you're 3 or more days ahead of schedule on your goal!
  • Blue datapoints are on track — you have 2 days of safety buffer.
  • Orange datapoints are on track — you have 1 day of safety buffer, meaning you'll derail tomorrow if you don't take action.
  • Red datapoints are not on track! This is called a beemergency. If you end the day with a red datapoint, you will derail on your goal.

(There are some exceptions to the rules above for certain combinations of goal settings, but the above is the guideline you should use.)

You can adjust the range shown on the graph in your goal settings by changing the "x-min" (initial value on the x-axis), "x-max" (maximum value for the x-axis, e.g. the date you want the goal to end), y-min (initial value displayed on the y-axis) and y-max (maximum value on the y-axis). This is useful if you ever want to hide an earlier portion of the graph, or if you want to temporarily zoom in on one section for a closer look!

The graph also includes the current pledge and a short indicator of when the goal next derails in two of its corners.

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