I signed up — what do I do first?

So you just joined Beeminder. Welcome! Here's what you should do first.

1. Create a goal!

  • You can check out some of the example goal guides linked on this page for instructions and/or inspiration. You can also dig into the goal types documentation for the deep nitty-gritty details.
  • Premium subscribers have access to a few more goal types, so if you're looking for a do-less goal, you might want to consider upgrading!
  • Don't forget that you can start small with your goals! If you're unsure, pick something ridiculously easy for your starting rate, like -0.001 pounds per week to lose weight, or one workout every other week (a weekly rate of 0.5). You can always make it harder later if you're doing great, but starting off easy means you have time to learn the system and figure out whether you're being too ambitious.
  • You can delete goals for 7 days after creation, so feel free to experiment, break things, change your mind, accidentally cause derailments — it's all safely undone by the Delete Goal button. When you delete a goal, you can send us feedback. We'd love to hear about if there was something confusing or broken (eek!).

2. Decide how often you want us to remind you about the goal

  • You can visit your reminder settings to adjust how often and through what channels we remind you about your new goal(s). If you just created 10 new goals, you might want to stagger those times so we're not filling up your inbox a few times a day.
  • We'll send you a reminder email about this 24 hours after making the goal, too.
  • You can get reminded and enter your data through our free iOS and Android apps! (You'll still need to use the website to make goal and account changes, though.) If you use Slack, you can also get reminders through Slack, and with a premium account, you can also get SMS reminders if you live in the US.

3. Make sure everything looks good in your account settings

4. Check out the featured goals and the forum for more inspiration

5. Create more goals to your heart's delight

  • Creating unlimited goals requires a premium plan, and so do certain goal types like odometers.
  • But probably don't jump straight to a premium plan! Core Beeminder is very powerful. And you want to avoid Beeminder burnout.

6. Keep reading through the help docs and let us know what's still confusing!

  • Use our contact form or email support@beeminder.com — we'll get back to you within 24 hours, and usually faster!

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