Why can't I create a Do Less / Odometer / Whittle Down goal?

Odometer, Whittle Down, and Do Less goals (outside of their use with pre-set goals for integrations) are features of our premium plans. All three premium plans (Infinibee, Bee Plus and Beemium) allow you to create these types of goals, along with their other benefits!

Of all Beeminder goals ever, those 3 types are by far the least commonly used. If you really don’t want to subscribe to premium and you really think you can’t live without one, contact support — we can either re-imagine the goal as a Do More or help you create a one-off goal with that goal type, in exchange for hearing about an interesting new use case. The Beeminder forum is also a good place to brainstorm how to turn a goal idea into a viable Do More goal.

These goal types are automatically used with integrations where they're the obvious goal type (such as Whittle Down for Gmail), regardless of your premium level, including for free accounts.

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